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Pet Vaccinations From North Heights Veterinary Clinic

North Heights Veterinary Clinic is focused on providing you and your pet with the best in veterinary services. Protecting your pet's health, ensuring that they are happy and providing you with excellent customer service are expectations we strive to fulfill every day. Our convenient Appleton location makes taking care of your pet easy. Continue reading to learn more about pet vaccinations and why you should not skip out on them!

The Importance of Vaccinations

There are a multitude of diseases that can weaken the health of your pet. Some of these can even be passed from one pet species to another or even to the human members of your family. At North Heights Veterinary Clinic, we recommend that you follow a schedule of routine vaccinations for your pet.

Vaccinations are the Law

In nearly every jurisdiction in the United States, they require that pets like cats and dogs be vaccinated against rabies and distemper. Not only can these diseases be passed from wildlife to your pet, but they can also affect other animals in your home as well as you and your family.

If your pet is not vaccinated, they could become very sick. Rabies, for example, is a disease that can turn fatal. Be sure to stay on the right side of the law and safety. Get your pets vaccinated!

Vaccinations Help Reduce Treatment Costs

In nearly every case, prevention is by far less expensive than treating a health condition. This is true when it comes to vaccinations. Treating your pet for distemper or kennel cough, for example, could require multiple trips back to the veterinarian to check on their progress and additional costs for medication. A simple and inexpensive vaccination can prevent these common health conditions while also saving you and your pet stress and worry.

Call North Heights Veterinary Clinic Today

The caring veterinarians at North Heights Veterinary Clinic are ready to partner with you to protect your pet's health. Contact us today and make an appointment to vaccinate your pet!

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